18 November 2010

At the plant "Elastic" they opened the cluster of nonwoven production for medical garments

In 2010, on the territory of Tatarstan the target national program “Prevention from hospital-acquired infections”. The aim of the project worth about 150 million rubles is to transfer the leading medical institutions of the Republic to the usage of disposable clothing. First and foremost, it concerns the surgical and obstetric and gynecological departments - the practice shows that over a quarter of surgical operations are related with complications caused by infectious diseases. It is assumed to reduce the risk significantly just by using the special disposable clothing.

As the most of it is imported today, one of the objectives of the program was to attract the cooperation of domestic producers. “The fact that the executor of the project was Nizhnekamsk plant “Elastic” is not accidental, - says General Director Dmitry Shemyakin. - Preparation for the production of nonwoven polymeric materials started in 2006 when we signed a contract to supply production line with Austrian company Oerlikon Neumag”.

Today on the equipment which is working on the technology «Ason» (obtaining ultrathin polymer fibers), annually about 11,000 tons of nonwovens is produced. Most of them are sent to the Kazan Zdravmedtech-Volga region, where the disposable medical kits are manufactured. Generally, the first product whose mass production is mastered by the partners were medical masks - only in November last year, the medical institutions of Tatarstan received their order for 900,000 pieces. In parallel, they began to prepare for the production of disposable medical garments. The start occurred in February of 2010, when Nizhnekamsk plant signed a contract with the Ministry of Health of Tatarstan. According to the new contract, only for the first quarter of this year twenty-seven thousand medical kits disposable medical linens and clothing were sent to the hospital of the Republic. “Each of these kits are manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of national standard GOST R EN 13795” Surgical clothing and sheets, used as medical devices for patients, the surgical staff, which entered into force on September 1, 2009, - as it underlined in the Ministry of Health of Tatarstan. - This standard, in turn, fully meets the European EN 13795, which world leaders are working with - the American "Kimberly Clark" and German "Paul Hartman". In “Elastic”, in turn, they note that at a high quality the price for the Nizhnekamsk production remains rather low. For example, if the cost of disposable surgical gowns, brought from abroad, varies in the range of 250-300 rubles, then a similar gown from Tatarstan will cost from 70 to 100 rubles. “As the annual requirement of the republic is 900,000 kits per year, and the nominal capacity of the company is 2 million, in the near future we plan to exceed the bounds of Tatarstan – as the director for development of the plant “Elastic” Svetlana Nikonova sums up. – This problem will be facilitated tremendously by cooperation with the company “Zdravmedtech”, which is already exporting its products to 6 foreign countries.”

In the near future, according to Nikonova, the production will be transferred from imported raw materials to domestic ones. This will reduce the dependence of the “Elastic” on foreign suppliers, making the production of Nizhnekamsk plant even more accessible.

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