1 July 2008

Report of the Director of the Association "Zdravmedtech" Irina Kuznetsova

One of the areas where the nonwoven is widely used, is medicine. One of the primary tasks of medicine - improving the quality of medical services, primarily involves ensuring an adequate level of sanitary - hygienic security of client (the consumer). Achieving of this level requires the application of the corresponding materials and products from them. Nonwoven materials (NM), whose properties can be programmed, especially useful in this sense. Properties such as hydrophilicity, hydrophobic, breathable, good barrier and strength properties at relatively low relative cheapness, can make active use of NM for medical purposes. According to studies, from the total volume of the manufactured nonwovens about 3% are for medical purposes. The most widely used material obtained by technology "Spunbond" and "Spunlace", as well as various combinations of NM.

Report of the Director of the Association "Zdravmedtech" Irina Kuznetsova.pdf

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