18 November 2010
In 2010, on the territory of Tatarstan the target national program “Prevention from hospital-acquired infections”. The aim of the project worth about 150 million rubles is to transfer the leading medical institutions of the Republic to the usage of disposable clothing. First and foremost, it concerns the surgical and obstetric and gynecological departments - the practice shows that over a quarter of surgical operations are related with complications caused by infectious diseases. It is assumed to reduce the risk significantly just by using the special disposable clothing.
28 September 2010
In Tatarstan, the first in Russia territorial-production cluster on closed-loop large-scale production of multi-layer nonwoven polypropylene material of new generation, for the manufacture of disposable medical garments and linen for the patients was produced.
30 June 2010
Production of nonwovens is a relatively new area of textile industry in the light industry of Russia. The main task of the production of nonwovens is replacement of woven fabrics from natural fibers and their use, mainly for technical purposes.
1 April 2010
At the plant "Elastic" in Nizhnekamsk that is a subdivision of “Tatneft”, the first in Russia territorial industrial clusters of the closed cycle of large-scale manufacturing of multilayer nonwoven polypropylene materials of new generation is created
2 March 2009
Promsvyazbank organized the financing of the import contract for the purchase of equipment for the company "Zavod Elastik" amounting to 11.3 million euros.
4 September 2008
Abroad, nonwovens, produced by spunbond technology, have become widely used since the early 60's of the last century. Today they are used in many fields, ranging from the manufacture of baby diapers to construction of roads and houses
1 July 2008
One of the areas where the nonwoven is widely used, is medicine.